British Aircraft Corporation TSR 2

When built, the British Aircraft Corporation TSR 2 was the most complex and technically advanced aircraft ever conceived. She was envisaged to serve as a tactical strike and reconnaissance aircraft, essentially a multi-purpose role which would see her deployed as a bomber, strike fighter and reconnaissance aircraft dependent upon operational requirements.

Parameter Units (Imperial) Units (Metric)
TypeMilitary tactical strike and reconnaissance aircraft
Length89 ft ½ in27.14 metres
Wingspan37 ft 1½ in11.32 metres
Height23 ft 9 in7.24 metres
Wing area702.9 sq ft65.3 sq metres
Weight54,750 lb (empty)/79,573 lb (loaded)24,834 kg (empty)/36,094 kg (loaded)
Maximum speed1,636 mph2,633 kph / Mach 2.15
Ceiling height54,000 ft16,459 metres
Engines2 x Bristol-Siddeley Olympus 22R-320 twin spool turbojet
Power61,220 lb thrust (30,610 lb each)272 kN (136 kN each)
Range (maximum)4,250 miles6,840 km
Crew1 pilot, 1 navigator
SystemsAutomatic flight control system (ACFS), terrain following radar (TFR), forward looking radar (FLR), sideways looking radar (SLR), inertial navigation system (INS), electronic counter-measures (ECM).