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This website tells the story of the Avro Lancaster and Avro Vulcan bombers, Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire fighters and the British Aerospace Hawk trainer.  Each aircaft has a profile detailing the aircraft's design, development and production, technical specification and operational history. There are also interesting facts and figures about each aircraft and links to websites where you can find out more information. Each profile is illustrated with three photographs; please click on any of these to see a larger vesion of each photograph. Click on any of the aircraft silhouettes below to access each illustrated profile of these British 'aviation icons'.

Aircraft profiles

  • Avro Lancaster

    For expectant spectators at airshows across the country, the deep, unmistakable hum of the Avro Lancaster's Rolls-Royce Merlin engines announces the start of her flying display. The crew of the Avro Lancaster produce an evocative and emotive flying display that pays tribute to the men and women of the Royal Air Force who died in the service of their country.... Read more »

  • Avro Vulcan

    The dramatic 'delta' wing silhouette accompanied by the roar of her Bristol Olympus engines marks the beginning of an impressive flying routine by the Avro Vulcan. This immense aircraft is flown with great precision by her crew, in a display sequence that showcases the agility and awesome power of the Avro Vulcan, to the delight of spectators watching.... Read more »

  • BAE Hawk

    Flying close, in tight formation, wing-tip to wing-tip, the Hawk aircraft of the Red Arrows Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, produce breath-taking flying displays for airshow spectators. These precision flying routines, involving up to nine Hawk aircraft in a series of spectacular display sequences, showcase the manoeuvrability and capabilities of the Hawk aircraft.... Read more »

  • Hawker Hurricane

    As the Hawker Hurricane aircraft takes to the sky, spectators are reminded of its key role in the Battle of Britain. This little aircraft, in the hands of the young pilots of the Royal Air Force, helped define history. For that reason she has become an iconic aircraft, and will forever by remembered by generations with great affection and a debt of gratitude.... Read more »

  • Supermarine Spitfire

    To many airshow spectators the Supermarine Spitfire is a special aircraft. The Spitfire exudes power and grace, the elegance of her aerodynamic form and raw energy from her Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, make her one of the most beautiful aircraft ever made. More than any other British aircraft she has earned the warmth and affection of generations of Britons.... Read more »

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