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The Bristol Aeroplane Company was founded in 1910 by Sir George White as the British and Colonial Aircraft Company. Based at Filton in Bristol the company produced its first aircraft, the Bristol Boxkite, in 1910. During the Great War the company produced a number of different military fighters, including the Bristol Scout. By 1920 the company had adopted the 'Bristol' name and by 1928 was producing the Bristol Bulldog military biplane. Further military aircraft, including the Bristol Beaufighter, were produced during the Second World War.

The Bristol Type 167 Brabazon was introduced in 1949, however it was a commercial failure and only one complete aircraft was built. Bristol had greater success with the Britannia and 85 aircraft were built between 1952 and 1960. The company had also diversified to include missile and car manufacturing. In 1959 a Government enforced merger saw Bristol merge with English Electric, Hunting Aircraft and Vickers-Armstrongs to form the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC).

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CompanyBristol Aeroplane Company
CountryUnited Kingdom
Period of operation1910 - 1959

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