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In 1959 a Government enforced merger saw the aviation interests of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, English Electric, Hunting Aircraft and Vickers-Armstrongs merge to form the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC). The company continued to manufacture existing aircraft - such as the Vickers VC10 - under their original manufacturer's name. The first BAC aircraft was the BAC 1-11 aircraft. In total 224 aircraft were built between 1963 to 1982. BAC also produced military aircraft including the BAC TSR-2 aircraft, infamously cancelled in 1964.

In November 1962 the British and French governments signed an agreement to jointly design, develop, and manufacturer the world's first supersonic airliner. The project would see BAC and Sud Aviation produce Concorde, an aircraft that remained in service between 1976 and 2003. On 29 April 1977 another Government enforced merger saw the merger of BAC, Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Hawker Siddeley Dynamics and Scottish Aviation to form British Aerospace (BAe).

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CompanyBritish Aircraft Corporation
CountryUnited Kingdom
Period of operation1960 - 1977

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