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In 1967 a government committee chaired by Sir Ronald Edwards published a report in 1969 called 'British Air Transport in the Seventies' arguing for the merger of BEA and BOAC. The findings were accepted by the then Conservative Government and the British Airways Group was formed in September 1972. The two airlines officially merged on 1 April 1974 forming British Airways (BA) to form a combined BOAC and BEA fleet. Within two years, on 21 January 1976, British Airways inaugurated Concorde operations and the aircraft remained the flagship of the fleet until retirement in 2003. Concorde flights to the United States commenced the following year. For the rest of the decade the BA fleet was expanded, taking on Lockheed Tristar, BAC 1-11 and Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft.

In 1980, following a hike in fuel prices, many of BA's older aircraft were sold off. The airline started a long road back to profitability prior to privatisation in February 1987 by the then Conservative Government. In late 1987 BA took over British Caledonian, forming Caledonian Airways in April 1988. By November 1992 BA acquired the assets of the struggling Dan-Air company. Following the attacks in America on 9/11 world airlines were struggling. Sadly, in 2003 BA retired its entire supersonic Concorde fleet. In January 2011 BA and Spanish carrier Iberia merged to form the International Airlines Group. In October 2012 British Midland International became part of IAG.

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AirlineBritish Airways
CountryUnited Kingdom
ServiceScheduled airline
DestinationsDomestic, European and long haul routes including to North America
Period of operation1974 to present

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